Case Study: Sealed Enclosure Cooling for Theme Park Control Cabinets

Theme parks utilize a variety of electrical, and instrumentation, control cabinets. These control cabinets can be both indoors and out, located in very challenging locations. Many control cabinets require cooling with seals that are water tight from rain, water spray, or other airborne debris. Some are placed in high corrosion areas such as waterpark rides, where highly chlorinated water quickly eats away at steel and aluminum enclosures. Challenging environments such as these require NEMA 4X cooling solutions and enclosures. 

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Power Electronics are the most critical components in a large number of applications; including power generation and operational equipment. Power Electronics module manufacturers invest millions of dollars to make these devices as efficient as possible, aiming primarily to reduce waste heat. However, even with efficiency gains at the module level, overall waste heat is rising across the industry due to more system and user driven functional requirements. Increased system capability leads to higher power densities and more waste heat. Selecting off the shelf thermal solutions is no longer a viable option for applications that are pushing the envelope on power and operating efficiency.
Investing in an optimal thermal solution can be the design change with the largest payback potential in a high power system. If properly designed, the thermal management system should not only meet performance requirements, but do so while minimizing energy usage. Contact Dynamic to learn how to expand the operating limits of traditional air and liquid cooled thermal solutions.