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Dynamic serves the OEM manufacturing and industrial control industry, we help Electrical, Mechanical and Design Engineers with reliable electrical components.  Always on the cutting-edge of the electrical component industry, we are also well-versed in advances in IIoT, Data, Ethernet and Cloud applications. 


Who we are

Dynamic Measurement & Control Solutions is a professional sales organization. We are a group of product experts looking to solve unique and challenging applications by providing guidance through the electrical component marketplace. We continually evaluate the brands we represent in order to expand our capabilities and surpass customer expectations. With over 40 years of experience, we have numerous resources and possess deep knowledge of the electrical component market to make your job easier. The success and growth for the future of our business is tied directly to the success of our customers. Dynamic is committed to providing our clients with innovative, value-driven solutions to their problems.

Supplying both standard electrical components and custom-engineered products, we are dedicated to helping OEM companies of all sizes and types. Dynamic does not try and steer you into a particular brand or way of doing things, but rather presents options from across the entire industry so you can choose what's best. We are also engineers at heart but consider ourselves component experts. We want to give you the proper information to make an informed decision and help you build an amazing end product. Dynamic provides this service for free; you don't have to spend countless hours of research, pour through catalogs, or make several tedious phone calls and e-mails. We will identify a solution, review standards and approvals, point out the trouble areas, and review the supply chain. We do this so that you get a smooth transition from design to manufacturing (DFM).

Operating out of Northern California, we are proud to work with a variety of industries including, transportation, manufacturing, and industrial OEM’s.

As a member in good standing with ISA, MANA, and ERA. Dynamic adheres to a strict code of ethics and conduct.

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What We Do

🛠️  Engineering Design and Support

🔋    Power Circuit

 📶 Control and Communications

🔌   Electro-mechanical 

  • Power Supplies, Transformers, Reactors, Filters, Fuses & Circuit Breakers, Current & Voltage Transducers
  • Controls & Displays, Loop & Process Signals, Media Converters, Communication Gateways, Ethernet I/O, Wireless
  • Machine Safety, Position Sensors, Limit Switches, Pushbuttons, E-stops & Indicator Lights
  • Enclosures, Din Rail & Mounting Hardware, Fans, Vents & Climate Control
  • Terminal Blocks, Barrier Strips, Connectors, Wire Termination
  • Cable Glands & Cord Grips, Electrical Raceway & Wire Duct, Conduit & Cable Routing

Our Philosophy

Dynamic is a professional manufacturer's representative that understands the sales and engineering cycles of industrial manufacturing. We aim to be the premier resource for Mechanical and Electrical engineers who build Machines, Control Panels, and Factory Process Equipment. We excel in all areas of Electrical Engineering including Power Quality, Power Distribution, Electrical Measurement, and Control. Dynamic also services the markets of Process Automation, Network Infrastructure, and Rail Transportation. Our Manufacturers are recognized by the very best quality products, having the latest technology, and being competitive in the market. Dynamic believes in creating long-lasting partnerships built on trust and performance.

System Development, Technical Knowledge and Experience

Under the supervision of experienced engineers and utilizing our exclusive business partners we can perform full turnkey services. We stay up to date on new product development and sourcing trends which leads to ease of manufacturing and fewer problems with sourcing, component life, and warranties. Dynamic has exclusive partnerships with top component manufacturers, not re-sellers, so when you need something customized or modified to your specification, we get it done. We consult with our clients during product development and identify the proper technologies with the goal of offering a value-driven solution to resolve the problem. Dynamic also provides after implementation service and support.

Our Expertise

Selecting components can be quite a daunting task it is never right the first time and can always be improved upon. Everyone is looking for the ideal part to do the job, but is it cost effective, viable, available? What about performance and efficiency over a long period of time? Does it fit mechanically or within the scope of the design? Does it allow for future expansion? Component selection is usually a compromise, even when you know what you want. You might spend hours searching an online database or through catalogs for a part with minimal importance. You may specify something that you found online but come to find out it has a huge minimum order or is at risk of obsolescence before the next time you need it. You might get lucky and find the perfect item and find out later it does not really have the proper agency approvals.

Our knowledge of the OEM machine building industry has helped us to understand a great deal about the “in’s and out’s” of product manufacturing, both on the component side and customer end products. We keep up to date on industry standards, new technologies and have our finger on the pulse of product trends. Dynamic helps our customers design for manufacturability, fewer shortages, and quicker product development cycles. Thus, saving you R&D expenses, getting your product to market faster then the competition and ahead of the technology curve.

DMCS develops solutions for these industries based around the power circuit, control circuit and electro-mechanical devices.


  • Semiconductor tooling
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech
  • Packaging and Inspection Equipment
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Lighting and HVAC Controls
  • Control System Integrators
  • Engineering Firms


  • Power Generation / Transmission / Distribution
  • Switchgear
  • Data Centers
  • Alternative Energy; Solar, Wind and Hydro Power
  • Energy Storage
  • Motor Control Panels
  • Drive and VFD Control Panels


  • Light Rail Trains
  • Commuter Trains
  • High-Speed Rail and Heavy Rail
  • Wayside Equipment, Switching, Signaling and Interlocks
  • Traction Power Substations
  • Electric Vehicles, eBus and Off-Highway Vehicles
  • EV Infrastructure


  • Building Materials
  • Metals and Mills
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods
  • Chemical and Oil


Why Choose Us

Technical Knowledge, Experience, and Advice

We Stay Up to Date on New Product Developments and Sourcing Trends

Fewer problems with Manufacturing, Shortages, and Failures

Exclusive Alliances with Top Manufacturers

Technology Identification, Evaluation, and Consultation  

Innovative, Value-Driven Solutions for your Project  

Implementation and Installation Assistance

Product Training and Support after Implementation

Hardworking, Reliable, and Trustworthy
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