1. DC Voltage Measurement for Railway Vehicles

    High DC Voltage transducer for increased safety on railway vehicles The requirements placed on railway vehicles have increased significantly in recent years. Products for rolling stock need to ensure a higher level of functional safety than ever before to make the travel experience more comfortable,…Read More

  2. The Importance Of Industrial Automation

    Taking Production to the Next Level   Over the past few decades, market trends have shown that automation, whether we like it or not, is where the majority of industries are heading. While there has been a level of automation present in the industrial sector for quite a while now, the advent of…Read More

  3. Using a Reed Switch to control the flow of Electricity

    Did you know reed switches are operated by the proximity of a magnetic field. To change the state of a reed switch from open to closed, or vice versa, a source of magnetic energy merely needs to pass near enough to the switch to cause actuation. Within utility and smart grid applications, it is of c…Read More

  4. Industrial Ethernet Switches

    Now Available from DMCS Highly Reliable Industrial Ethernet Switches, Wireless Access Points, and Media Converters Henrich Electronics is a global leader in providing rugged, reliable, award winning industrial Ethernet switches to any industrial market. Designing and manufacturing industrial switche…Read More

  5. New Ensto Pushbutton Enclosures

    Now availbe: Empty non-metallic Polycarbonate Pushbutton enclosure series produced by Ensto. Enclosures are UL 508A and UL TYPE 4, 4X, 6, 12, 13 rated having excellent resistance against UV. Enclosures are proven to withstand arctic and changing climates.…Read More