Whether you build OEM machines or custom equipment there are areas that either give you headaches or processes you would like to improve.  Sometimes these new concepts can be time-consuming, costly, or you just can't seem to get it down on paper.  Would you like help? We can offer simple advice or full design assistance in many cases. 

Dynamic works across many industries and applications so we keep up with the latest standards and industry trends. We know your components need to be extremely reliable for the high speeds and extreme conditions that your machines are exposed to. Keeping your machine "on" is of the utmost importance. Electrical and mechanical systems need to work together in harmony, so you need to be aware of how things work. Don't cut corners when you are designing, find a partner with profound and in-depth knowledge of electrical controls, electronics, and systems. Just by accident, many companies end up using electrical components and controls that are not thoughtfully implemented or of low quality.   

If you have questions about machine design, electrical control panels, or industrial components or just want to know the most important considerations before you start designing, please reach out.

We have prepared some guides that examine industrial control panel types, electrical control products, and the appropriate industry standards you need to follow for machine building.

Precise Machine CNC

Electrical control and automation components can be found in all types of machines, but a few examples of machine building are:

Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation Machines include robots, conveyors, and assembly machines used in manufacturing and production lines.
Material Handling
Material handling machines are used to move, store, control, and protect materials and products.
Semiconductor tooling
Semiconductor tooling is a machine used to manufacture semiconductors; they process and manipulate silicon wafers.
Pharmaceutical & Biotech Equipment
Pharmaceutical and biotech machines are specialized equipment for producing pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products. Typical functions include mixing, filling, labeling, and packaging products.
Packaging & Inspection Equipment
Package handling equipment is used to transport, sort, and process cargo through the shipping and handling process.
Wastewater Pumps with Control Panel
Machines in the water and wastewater industry treat and process water and wastewater to ensure safe consumption or discharge into the environment.
Food & Beverage Processing Equipment
Food processing equipment ensures food is prepared, cooked, packaged, and preserved safely for consumption. 
Plastic Extrusion machine
The plastic extrusion machine melts raw pellets or granules and forces the molten plastic through a die to create plastic products such as tubes, sheets, or film.
Lighting & HVAC Control
Lighting and HVAC control equipment optimize energy efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance occupant comfort and productivity.
machine tool with robotic manuf

Machine tools in machine builders refer to equipment that enable precision cutting, shaping, and drilling of materials. These tools are critical for industrial processes, allowing for real-time monitoring and control through devices that connect and communicate between different systems.


If you have questions about machine design, electrical control panels, or industrial components, or just need to know the important considerations before you start designing, please reach out.