Electrical COntrol 

AC Power quality, dc current and voltage control

  • AC Power Quality (Voltage, Frequency, Waveform)
    • Transformer
    • Line Reactor
    • Motor Reactor
    • De-tuned Reactor
    • Filters
      • EMI Filter
      • Harmonic Filter
      • dv/dt Filter
      • Sine Filter
  • Power Supplies
    • Linear Power Supply
    • Switching Power Supply
    • Din Rail Mount Power Supply
  • UPS System
    • Energy Storage
  • Redundancy Modules
  • Buffer Modules
  • Electronic Circuit Breakers

Block_Line Reactor_collage

  • High Voltage Transducers
  • Shunt Resistors and Current Measurement
  • AC/DC Transducers
  • Voltage Presence Detection (VPD sensor)
  • Isolated Signal Conditioners
  • Temperature Transmitters
  • Strain Gauge Transmitters
  • Resistance Transmitters
  • Loop-Powered Isolators
  • Loop Splitters and Signal Duplication
  • Loop Repeater Power Supplies (HART)



EnergyMeterRM Set     G2JM5AL20_24-240V

Data, Signal Interface & Communications Architecture

Ethernet, I/O, ClOUD, IIoT SOlutions, Industry 4.0, and Wireless

  • Industrial Communications and Control DevicesBrainbox
  • RS485 Serial and Data Connectivity
  • Ethernet I/O
    • Modbus, TCP/IP, ASCII
  • PCIe Serial Cards
  • Software Services

Electro-Mechanical Devices 

ENCLOSURES, Terminal Blocks, connectors, switches, relays and Wiring SOlutions 

  • Thermal Control ProductsNCT
  • Sealed Enclosure Coolers
  • Cold Plates
  • Heat Pipes
  • Energy Recovery
  • Custom Thermal, and Fluid Systems
  • Terminal BlocksConta
    • Din Rail; Screw, Spring, Push-In, Stud
  • Wire and Cable Entries
  • PCB Connectors
  • Interface Relay System
  • Electronic Modules
  • EnclosuresEnsto
    • Polycarbonate, Fiberglass, Metal
  • Disconnect Switches
  • High Voltage Terminal Blocks
  • Explosion Protection Products
  • Cable GlandsCord
  • Cord Grips
    • SS, Brass, & Plastic
  • Cable Trunking
  • Wire Management
  • Electrical Raceway and Ducts

Providing electrical components, instrumentation and controls to operate industrial equipment and control manufacturing processes. We are your all-encompassing solution to your electrical and IP-controlled machinery issues. With an emphasis on long-term reliability and safety, we offer in-depth diagnosis of automation and production machinery issues, and offer sales and support of high-quality, extremely accurate industrial manufacturing products. Through continuous education, we are able to offer our customers thorough evaluations and product recommendations that suit their exact needs.

At Dynamic, we proudly specialize in the following:

Industrial Power Control

  • Conversion
  • Protection and Monitoring
  • Filtering
  • Measuring

Industrial Communications

  • Ethernet Signal Transmission
  • Industrial PC
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Analog and Digital Signal Conversion
  • Wireless Solutions

Industrial Controls

  • Electro-mechanical products
  • Automation and Machine Control
  • Enclosures and Mechanical Items
  • Transmitters and Transducers
  • Relays and Switches
  • Sensors and Sensor Transmitters
  • Communications PC’s, PLC, DCS, and SCADA support

Offering thousands of components, equipment power choices, and electrical safety devices, we have a complete portfolio for all your industrial control needs. Focusing on client relations, our goal is to first provide you with a trusted consultant experience. We are happy to introduce ourselves, do product demonstrations, and explain the value our application engineering team can bring to your business. Our consultation is free of charge and we will do all the necessary design and research before making any product recommendations. We believe, only through this manner, will we gain the trust and confidence you need to specify our components when designing your equipment. Discover the difference our combined passion and knowledge create by contacting the Dynamic team today. We promise a prompt, knowledgeable response that’s aimed to help you make the best choice.


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