Established in 1984, Brainboxes is one of the leading communication device developers and manufacturers in the world. With headquarters in Liverpool, UK, it has a team of highly qualified software and hardware designers, matched by a world-class in-house volume manufacturing facility and a global distribution chain. Substantial investments in R&D and manufacturing have gained them a reputation for products that are easy to use, highly configurable and extremely reliable. Our in-house manufacturing facility gives them an unparalleled level of flexibility and control to meet even the tightest deadlines.

Brainboxes world-class research and development department has considerable experience in both hardware and software design skills. Covering chip design to board layout, including firmware, device driver and application software engineering – they have proven expertise at all levels of product design. The R&D team comprises 40% of all Brainboxes employees, many with two-degree level qualifications.

All Brainboxes products come with free technical support provided by the same people who design and test the products. Many years of customer feedback has been used to establish rigorous real-world test cases used in the development and proving of every new product. Today’s customers benefit from the hundreds of man years’ experience in the serial connectivity market that has gone into the design of every product. 

Read below for an outline of products that are offered and contact Brainboxes today if you would like to request a document or schedule a consultation.

Products Overview

Industrial Communications and Control Devices

Communications and control devices are essential for maintaining an efficient and interconnected workplace. Brainboxes Remote IO devices are sold as Digital IO, Analogue IO, Relay or Thermocouple and have a wide range of applications. Two devices are able to communicate over Ethernet while keeping all connected devices exactly in sync with each other. This tunneling technique allows for simple, long-distance connection and immediate updates for anyone who’s wired in—the setup is simple and takes a matter of minutes.  

  • Ethernet Remote I/O Module Servers
  • Ethernet I/O Modules
  • Industrial Remote Ethernet I/O Modules: designed for the factory floor. Digital, Analog, Relay and Thermocouple Input Output Options

Modbus TCP Remote I/O

  • Serial and Data acquisition products
  • Ethernet to Serial Device Servers
  • Ethernet to Serial
  • Ethernet to Serial Servers: network enables and controls RS232 and RS422/485 devices. Industrial and Non-industrial options.

USB to Serial Adapters and Servers

  • USB to Serial
  • USB to Serial Adapters and Servers: Simply add RS232 and RS422/485 Serial ports to your laptop or desktop PC.

Bluetooth Adaptors

Bluetooth Serial Adapters are a great option for simple and instant radio communication that eliminates the need for cable connections. These devices can communicate through walls and up to 100m in distance and require no drivers to start using them. Brainboxes offers both BL-819 and BL-830 which are Bluetooth to serial adapters.

PCIe Serial Cards

Key Benefits

  • Product Lifetime Warranty and Support
  • Latest Microsoft Windows Signed Drivers
  • Considerable Rollout Management Experience
  • EMC, CE and FCC Accreditations
  • Competitively Priced Products
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard
  • Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma
  • Brainboxes RoHS Compliant Products
  • WEEE Directive Implemented

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