Using a Reed Switch to control the flow of Electricity

Did you know reed switches are operated by the proximity of a magnetic field. To change the state of a reed switch from open to closed, or vice versa, a source of magnetic energy merely needs to pass near enough to the switch to cause actuation. Within utility and smart grid applications, it is of critical importance for sensing and actuation instrumentation to have a long useful service life, zero power consumption requirements, and capability to be installed within remote outdoor installations without risk of performance degradation.  With their low cost, they are also able to be installed across literally thousands of utility meter banks. The product technologies of Reed Switch Developments Corp. support:

  • Smart networking
  • Meter banks (electrical, water)
  • Grid security failsafes
  • Energy consumption usage indicators

Magnetic reed switches from Reed Switch Developments Corp. are known for their fast-acting, high-reliability performance. The switches are free from mechanical wear and are hermetically sealed, ensuring years of reliable service within demanding environments. Most assemblies are also UL recognized and RoHS/REACH compliant. With the company’s in-house development and manufacturing capabilities, custom reed switch developments of any sized quantity may be accommodated, with production lead times as short as ten business days. Reed Switch Development devices are available from DMCS. Please contact us today!