Dynamic Measurement and Control Solutions, LLC

DMCS is a full-service rep agency and engineering firm. After 20 years in the business we know the ins and outs of many specific applications. We are especially well versed in difficult and demanding projects where High Accuracy and High Reliability components are needed. Most importantly we help engineers solve unique and complex problems especially around sourcing industrial components. We talk to engineers daily and know the language and how to meet your project specifications, track down data sheets, and identify the trouble areas you may encounter in the supply chain. All this without you having to do countless hours of internet research, pour through catalogs, and make several tedious phone calls, wondering if you will ever get a call back. Don’t settle for designing around components that are “good enough” because you haven’t located exactly what you need. When engineers can’t find the right solution they will over specify surrounding components or use too many pieces to create the design. The problem is you may over-spend, or worse, introduce a high risk of failure because of the amount of extra parts needed for the solution. Equipment failures are costly and unsafe situations can be life threatening that is why the application engineers at DMCS can be a valuable asset to your teams design process. Give our product experts a chance to specify the best parts for your project and provide exceptional service that will bring long term value to your end product or project. Engineers love us because we are professionals and get them away from shopping the internet and allow them to get back to doing what they do best, designing.