Control Panels


Control panels are found in “all” manufacturing process applications, but a few examples would be:

  • Industrial Control Panels
  • Process Control Systems
  • Machine Control Systems
  • Lighting Control Panels
  • Electrical Control and Power Distribution
  • Power Generation / Transmission / Distribution
  • Alternative Energy Panels (Remote) Solar, Wind and Hydro Power
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Motor Drive and VFD Control Panels
  • Industrial Networking and Data Acquisition Panels
Block power controls

Electrical Control and Power Distribution ...

Industrial Control Panels in their simplest form are best be described as assemblies of Industrial Control Components. They are also extensively used to control power (Power Circuit) and for Power Distribution. Control panel assemblies consisting of the Control Circuit Components are used for simple electrical control of a process. A control cabinet can also be a combination of both Power and Control circuits. Typical industrial control panel assemblies consists of equipment, such as motor controls, relays, switches, disconnects, circuit protection devices, and a variety of ancillary, interconnect, and electro-mechanical devices. Modern design of these type of components and hardware allow for ease of wiring and simplification of the manufacturing and installation process.

Electrical control panels are an integral part of Automated Systems, machinery and manufacturing equipment. Control panels house various electronic devices that provide signals to direct the operation of equipment and machines. Control panels can also be a fundamental aspect of a system that allow an operator to control the equipment.


Control components are used extensively in industrial equipment and within control cabinet circuits. They are used for processes involving switching, starting, protecting, detecting, monitoring, communicating, and other electro-mechanical functions. Dynamic Measurement and Control provides rugged products for high end industrial applications. Our electrical components are specified when you need the highest grade devices for Precision, Accuracy, and Continuous use.

ENSTO Polybox-2-1

The enclosure is a metal or plastic box which varies in size and is typically made of aluminum, stainless steel or polycarbonate.

  • IP 66/67 and NEMA 4x
  • UL 508A safety rating 

Back Panel-1

Back Panels, Back Plates or Sub-Panels for enclosures are used to install the electronics to the walls of the cabinet. The panel is used so you don't have to drill through the enclosure and compromise the integrity of the seal or NEMA rating.

  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Composite materials
Ensto_Cable glands-1

Designed to attach and secure the end of an electric cable and the device it's connected to

  • Provide earthing, grounding, insulation, bonding and strain relief
  • Sealing and terminating device to ensure the protection
Conta-Clip PDU blocks-1
Power distribution blocks distribute electricity from a single source across several devices in a circuit. 
  • Touch Safe 
  • High SCCR rating
  • One input, Multiple outputs

MCCB's are UL 489-approved circuit breakers whose current-carrying parts, mechanisms and trip devices are all completely contained within a molded case of insulating material.

  • Alarm Switch
  • Auxiliary Contact
  • Shunt Trip
  • Under-Voltage Trip
  • Mechanical Interlocks
  • Rotary Handle
  • Draw-Out Base

Block_Transformers on Din Rail-1-1

Transformers transfer electric power from the primary circuit to the secondary circuit

  • Reduces or increases the main voltage to match the system requirements
  • Secondary control circuit isolated from the primary circuit to assure safety
  • Minimize inrush and stabilize voltage

Class-2 Surge Protector-1

Surge arresters offer electrical protection for all devices downstream PLC, the power supplies, the step-down transformer, variable-frequency drives, and the input/output devices

  • Limits voltage
  • Prevents flow  of current and voltage and diverts to ground


Block_power supply collage-1-1-1-1

Used to efficiently convert AC voltage into regulated DC power. DC power is used for most industrial control electronics.  

  • Industry standard Din Rail Mount 
  • Easy to install and Operate 
  • High energy efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Long life and High reliability
2pole circuit breaker din mount-1

Circuit Breakers protect an electrical circuit from becoming damaged by detecting when there is excess electrical current by breaking the circuit to stop the flow of electricity.

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Different tripping curves
  • In-Rush capabilities (8x - 15x - 22x Input)

Industrial microprocessor-based controller with programmable memory used to store program instructions and various functions.

  • Can monitor any process and provide data wherever and however you need it



Tele STKR Slim PLC relay-1

Relays are used to control the power along with switching the smaller current values in a control circuit.

  • Open and close circuits electromechanically or electronically
  • Convert small electrical stimuli into larger currents

Overload protection relays prevent motor damage by breaking the circuit when an electrical overload or a phase failure is detected.

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Different tripping curves
  • In-Rush capabilities (8x - 15x - 22x Input) 



Walther Disconnect switch-2-1

Disconnect switches rapidly disconnect circuits from power supplies in the event of an emergency

  • Interrupt the flow of electricity
  • Fault protection
Schaltbau c310 contactor-1

A Contactor is used for switching an electrical circuit on or off

  • Provide operating power to the load
  • Most commonly used for controlling electric motors.
motor starter-1

A motor starter provides defense by first controlling the electrical output of your device or equipment at its initial point of operation.

  • Protect your system
  • Operates as a fail-safe



Block_Detuned Reactor-1

Line reactors help stabilize electrical currents when VFDs and other devices are in use.

  • Help reduce transients and harmonics
  • Protect drive's life over time 



Motor drivers acts as an interface between the motors and the control circuits

  • The function is to take a low-current control signal and turn it into a higher-current signal that can drive a motor


A terminal block is a modular, insulated block that secures two or more wires together.

  • Most useful for connecting wiring to ground
  • Referred to as terminal connectors, connection terminals, or screw terminals






Fuses break the circuit in case of faulty conditions so as to protect the power system equipment and auxiliaries

  • Class CC, G, H, J, K, L, R



Ethernet switches connect your devices to one another by creating a network. Ethernet to Serial Gateways connect your serial devices to Ethernet and are used to convert between protocols such as Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP.

  • Modbus TCP
  • Profinet
  • EtherNet/IP
  • Fieldbus


Converts one type of electrical or mechanical signal (input-signal) into another (output-signal)

  • translate analogue or digital signals from measuring instruments into information
  • process and integrate data into information that can be easily read by an indicating instrument or control system
Inked HMI with e-stop_LI-1
A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a user interface or dashboard that connects a person to a machine, system, or device. 
  • Allows operators to start and stop cycles, adjust set points, and perform other functions



ACT_Enclosure cooler-1-1

Enclosure thermal management devices are used to maintain optimum conditions inside enclosures

  • designed to house and protect electrical components for powering and controlling industrial, HVAC, and other equipment
  • dissipate heat from sealed electrical and electronic cabinets in both indoor and outdoor environments
CCI_Din_ferrule_wire duct_collage-1-2

Accessories for control panel manufacturing. These are some of the basic building blocks for starting a control panel. 

  • Wire Termination 
  • Wire Duct
  • Din Rail 
  • Installation tools 



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Electrical systems and components run at a very high rate and are exposed to extreme conditions. Keeping your manufacturing process up and running or your machine "on" is of the utmost importance. Electrical systems require regular maintenance and attention so you need to be aware of how things work together. A lot of companies use electrical components that are not thoughtfully implemented or of low quality.   

If you have questions about designing control panels, industrial equipment or just want to know the most important industrial control components considerations before you start designing, please reach out. We have also prepared  some guides that examine the most common control panel types, their roles in the manufacturing process, and the more important electrical components you should be thinking about while still in the design phase of your panel. 

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