BlockQuality – We have been developing and producing transformers in accordance with European and American standards for 80 years. Our transformers are subject to 100% testing and have the highest quality standards.

Flexibility – Our customers’ application areas extend over “all” electrical industry, which is why we provide transformers in a wide range of standard and custom designs. Block offers application consulting to deliver transformers that are the perfect fit for any customer requirement, irrespective of the quantity required.

Reliability – Sometimes a quick solution is needed, e.g. with a system outage or for changes on short notice. We help by having a wide range of standard product available from our warehouse in the USA located in Franklin Park, Illinois as well as distribution partners across the globe. Our development and manufacturing centers are located in the USA, Europe, and Asia.


       isolating transformer


  • Isolating transformers
  • Control transformers
  • PCB transformers
  • Safety transformers
  • Autotransformers
  • Toroidal transformers
  • Power transformers

       Block Power Supplies


  • Switch-mode power supplies
  • Electronic Circuit Breakers
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Energy storage units
  • Redundancy modules
  • Buffer modules
  • Non-stabilized DC power supplies



  • Sine filters
  • Harmonic filters
  • Line reactors
  • EMI filters
  • Motor reactors
  • DV/DT filters
  • Detuned reactors


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