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.                                Three steps to Manufacturability 

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  • Assign a Product or Subject Matter Expert 
  • Introductory Meeting(s) and Discovery 
  • Evaluate your Project and Make Suggestions Based on our Design Experience
  • Create a Proposal, Statement of Work (SOW), or Engineering Requirements Document (ERD)

Design and Development

  • Design Review and Application of Suggestions from Consultation   
  • Create Preliminary Circuit Layout, Drawings, and Bill of Materials
  • Evaluate Design for Manufacturability and Production 
  • Proof of Concept, Prototype, Validation, and Testing


  • Simulate the Manufacturing Scenario, Analyze and Decide on Production Methodologies 
  • Receive Bids from any 3rd Party Vendors, Review Costs 
  • Procure Materials and Equipment
  • Begin Production
  • Ready Finished Product for Distribution Stage 



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Industrial Design, Control PanelS, or Automation Projects? 

We can pick up right where you're at 

Please give us a little bit of information about what you might need. We will gather the information and get right back to you with an RFI or set up an exploratory meeting.  

If you have any design-related documents please upload those as well.

  • Detailed Scope or Description
  • Drawings 
  • Bill of Materials 
  • Mobilization Plans or Due Date 
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