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Industrial Network Infrastructure for Factories, Data Centers, and Connected Machines

Dynamic provides system expertise and cutting-edge solutions from top of the line hardware providers of industrial data, control, communications, safety and power management products.

Data center service wiring

At Dynamic M2M we recognize the need to connect everything, place compute power where it is needed, and apply actionable solutions. Ethernet infrastructure is the foundation of intelligent, more efficient, and safer machines and factories.

Network musts:

  • Performance – Carry the Data Across all Applications in Real Time

  • Availability – Uptime improves quality, yield, and safety

  • Scalable – Ability to adjust as demand fluctuates

  • Security – Minimize threats as your network expands

Close-Up of technician plugging patch cable in a rack mounted server in server roomMost industrial organizations often do not consider the investment in their Physical Layer. They want a high-performance intelligent factory that can predict maintenance needs and produce better yields. So, they invest in these special sensors, machines, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics, but have not considered the backbone … To meet the demands of these new technologies you will need careful planning of your hardware and connectivity. Poorly planned infrastructure investment can result in a never-ending cycle of patchwork solutions until the next failure. This ends up costing large amounts of money to get back up running and the hours of downtime leading to lost revenue.



Industrial Ethernet:

is the foundation of intelligent machines and more efficient factories. IIoT and Industry 4.0 solutions are creating massive amounts of unstructured data. Your business needs to get that data to the enterprise level on demand and in real time for better decision making. With the speed and amount of data that can be communicated over a single wire, networked I/O is a great solution for M2M communication as well as internal machine architecture. In order to turn your data into ROI for your business you need actionable solutions that place computational power and data storage closer to the location where it is needed, allowing you to improve response times and save valuable bandwidth.


Factory Floor:


Power drop











Automation keeps manufacturers competitive in a global marketplace, but it can be difficult to achieve reliable communication among the many specialized devices and protocols. Dynamic M2M helps manufacturers connect legacy equipment to modern control systems, monitor harsh environmental conditions and seamlessly convert between proprietary and open device protocols.

IIoT projects

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