Small Pump panel and controls for Fuel Cell

Designing for space savings in industrial control panels is critical for optimizing efficiency and reducing the overall footprint of machinery.


Dynamic has strategies, tips, and tricks to assist your machine design. By working with us early in the design process space savings can come from a variety of places such as slip rings, cable management, and interconnect devices. Things that reduce the number of wires, ways to use the most efficient wire diameters, and optimize bending radii will allow you to design your system to maximize the available space.

Here are the areas we know, that lead to a reduced machine footprint ...

IP67 power source

Cabinet Free Design 

Using IP67 rated industrial controls can eliminate the need for large enclosures. Rugged systems can be configured for mounting outside of the machine.

Power Bus Bars_switchgear or MCC-1

Busbar Systems for <600V

Implementing busbar systems can shrink panel size by 25%, offering a compact alternative to traditional wiring.

MultiChannel eBreaker

Compact Components

Use miniature circuit breakers, eBreakers, slim SSR relays, and miniature terminal blocks to save space.

Simple process control circuit

Integrated Systems

Combining functions in fewer components to reduce the number of devices needed.

Din Rail Power Supply_Banner

DIN Rail Mounting

Utilizes vertical space and organizes components efficiently.

Relay Cabinet

Panel Layout Optimization

Designing the layout for maximum space utilization.

KDS Cable Management Systems

Compact Wiring

Employing techniques to minimize wiring bulk.


Remote I/O Modules

Reduces the need for wiring back to the main control panel.

Photo Sensors-1

Miniaturized Sensors and Actuators

Smaller sensors and actuators reduce space requirements.

Gett NA Custom HMI-1

HMI Integration

Consolidating control interfaces into compact, multifunctional displays.

Polyester enclosures

Modular Enclosures

Using modular designs for easy expansion and customization.

Block Power Supply and UPS System-1

Multi-Functional Devices

Devices that perform multiple functions can significantly reduce space.

GSM-PRO2 - the perfect communicator

Compact Communication Protocols

Utilizing communication protocols that require less hardware.

Industrial control cabinet with fan

Heat Dissipation Management

Innovative solutions to manage heat without requiring additional space.

Efficiency and precision in machine design and industrial control components are fundamental for achieving high productivity, superior product quality, extended machine lifetime, and optimal design effectiveness. Early consultation with Dynamic enables a strategic focus on critical design aspects.