Non-Metallic Enclosures (Polycarbonate & Fiberglass), Pole Mounts, Cable Seals, High Voltage Terminal Blocks




Polycarbonate Enclosures

Ranging from 2”x 2” and up to sizes as large as 32” x 24” the thermoplastic enclosures are light, corrosion free and their impact resistance is very high. They are also easy to clean, mount and machine. The degree of protection of an Ensto enclosure is IP 66/67 and NEMA 4x.

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ENSTO Polybox-2

Wire Terminals, Cable Lugs, and Connectors

These products are specially developed for the needs of the electrical industry. Ensto’s cable lugs and connectors are reliable and their shear head bolts guarantee a sure and even result. Cable lugs and connectors are designed for a wide range of cross sections. They are suitable for cables with Al and Cu conductors and for both plastic and paper insulated cables and conductor sizes of 10–1000 mm². The nominal current of the terminals ranges between 17.5A to 730A and the nominal insulation voltage varies from 400V to 36kV. Our offering also covers enclosed terminals, including everything needed for connecting wires, extending or branching cables.

Ensto_Cable glands

Industrial Components

As industry standards change, you can continually rely on Ensto to provide you with solutions that change with them. Their industrial components include terminals, fuse bases, mounting boxes, and load-break switches, all of which support a wide range of industries and applications.

To learn more about Ensto and their industrial solutions, visit their website. If you’re looking to improve the efficiency and safety of your company in order to meet strict industry standards but don’t know where to begin, contact an expert at Dynamic Measurement & Control Solutions today. We’re always on hand to understand what issues you’re having and present you with a comprehensive and long-lasting solution.


  • Oil, Gas, and Chemical Processing
  • Elemental Gas Monitoring Systems any
  • Instrumentation that needs to protected from the environment
  • Water – Waste, Treatment and Pumping Systems
  • Agriculture and Landscaping
  • Utility and Outdoor pole mount applications
  • Solar or Photovoltaic Systems, Batteries and Energy Storage
  • Rail and Transportation Systems
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Industrial Control Cabinets
  • Excellent signal transmission properties for Wireless applications
  • Car Wash

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