EV Charging Infrastructure

Future Gas Station -1

Current landscape of EV Infrastructure

  • EV Charging Market

  • AC vs DC charging parameters

  • Typical Charging Power

DC Fast charging and safely “Filling Up"

  • The Argument for Higher DC Voltage Levels

  • 250 mile operating range, 80% charge in 11 minutes 

  • 1000VDC Charging

Crop_DC charger

Design considerations for DC fast chargers

Efficiency of AC power and conversion to DC  

Important Electrical Component Considerations:

  • Transformers & Filters for AC Power Quality
  • Electrical Disconnects 
  • Energy Measurement
  • DC Residual Current Devices (RCD and GFCI)
  • DC Contactors and Relays
  • Voltage Transducer
  • Current Measurement (shunt resistor or hall effects)
  • EMC and EMI reduction
  • High Voltage DC Power Connectors
  • Terminal Blocks (Ring Lug and Stud Connection)
  • Cable Seals and Venting
  • Communication Gateways and Ethernet
  • Power Electronics Cooling Technology

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