Food Processing and Ag Equipment

crops and outdoor Agriculture 

growing food with technology

Agricultural Technology is evolving rapidly there are many opportunities to increase production yields by embracing new AgTech. The industry as a whole is not a smooth-flowing operation as there are so many variables involved when growing food. Embracing IoT, Robotics, Automation, Remote Monitoring, and Sensing is the future of Agronomy. Dynamic has the components and knowledge to help build your equipment. 

  • Electrical Power devices

  • Automation and robotic components


Bottling Line Automation

Food PRocessing Equipment 

USing High Quality COmponents 

Electrical systems and components run at a very high rate and are exposed to extreme conditions when used in food processing equipment.  Keeping your manufacturing machine or end user equipment up and running is of the utmost importance. A lot of companies use electrical components that are not thoughtfully implemented or of low quality. Then the set it and forget attitude takes over until a breakdown, this can be very costly in terms of manufacturing time lost. Electrical systems require regular maintenance and attention this where todays smart technologies can be implemented for process improvement and long machine life.  Intelligent Systems provide control, configuration and monitoring and can be done from a remote location. 

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Processing equipment for Food:

  • Food Processing Machines
  • Systems for Handling Food
  • Food Preparation Machines
  • Machines for Cooking Food
  • Food Storage
  • Packaging Equipment 

Important Electrical Equipment and Components to consider for Food Processing Machines

  • Transformers & Filters for AC Power Quality
  • EMC and EMI Reduction Components for Efficient Machine Operation
  • Energy Measurement for Equipment usage and Peak Load Shedding 
  • Residual Current Devices for Worker Safety 
  • High-Quality Contactors and Relays for Long Term Operation
  • Disconnect Switches for Safely Turning off Power to Motors 
  • Sealed and Corrosion Resistant Power Connectors
  • High-Quality Terminal Blocks to Prevent Shorts and Vibration Failures 
  • Hygienic Cable Seals, Hygienic Wiring  to Prevent Bacteria Build Up 
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Mesh Wire Tray and Cable Ladders 
  • Communication Gateways and Ethernet Switches to Collect Data 
  • Proper Venting and Enclosure Cooling to Extended the Life of the Control System  
Let's discuss the Electrical Control needs for your Food Production Equipment