With 20 years of experience as a full-service engineering firm and rep agency, Dynamic Measurement and Control Solutions, LLC. focuses on reliability and accuracy above all else. We are not simply another parts reseller concerned with meeting sales goals; we work directly with manufacturers to solve unique and complex problems for your business. We partner with manufacturers from all over the world who have shown to consistently meet and even exceed industry standards when it comes to quality, reliability, and durability of parts. We understand that when it comes to engineering systems, every situation is unique. That’s why we always work directly with our customers to meet their needs, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach offered by other engineering firms.

The Importance of Precision Temperature Control

When it comes to manufacturing industries, the importance of precise and reliable temperature control cannot be understated. Some examples include food manufacturing, extrusion processes, aluminum die casting, or injection molding. In all of these cases, precise temperature control is needed in order to maintain consistency in quality and output. When faced with a thermal control issue, Dynamic Measurement and Control Solutions will work with industry-leading parts manufacturers like Advanced Cooling Technologies (ACT) who are world renowned for their diverse product portfolio including advanced heat pipes, heat exchanger technology, thermal storage, and more. Let’s take a look at a specific issue faced by a manufacturing company and how Dynamic Measurement and Control Solutions will apply advanced technologies to solve it.

Industrial Air Conditioning Reliability Issue

Similar to how you would have an air conditioning system in your home to keep you comfortable, industrial cooling systems are needed to maintain an effective and reliable manufacturing facility. However, the problem is that you can rarely ever implement a standardized cooling system setup and expect everything to work as it should. Although this applies to many manufacturing industries, we’re going to look at a specific example: furniture manufacturing plants.

In order for wood cutting equipment to work, it relies on programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and drives for computer numerical control (CNC). Since these components are contained within an enclosure, they need adequate cooling in order to function properly. But thermal load isn’t the only issue in this scenario. The operating conditions in this plant are also dusty from all the woodwork, further complicating the situation. To protect both the industrial cooling system and the enclosure, a different solution is needed.

Applying A Solution

Typically, when dealing with a problem like this, you need to account for the worst case scenario. For example, if ambient temperatures range from 65 degrees in the winter to 100 degrees in the summer and the thermal loads for your PLCs and CNCs are 1,200 watts, you need a solution that accounts for its highest load which occurs in the summer. Since the temperature inside the enclosure will always be more than outside of it, you could apply an above-ambient solution that works by heat rejection. In this case, an ACT heat exchanger would be the optimal solution. And based on the specifications of the components, we may recommend a specific type of heat exchanger. Once the fix is made, temperature monitors can be fitted to the enclosure to determine if it was successful in reducing its thermal load.

There are three fundamental benefits to applying this fix: you’ve purchased components from a renowned manufacturer, meaning you’ll always have easy access to spare parts, you’ve eliminated the need to install and maintain additional industrial AC units, and you’ve likely saved your company hundreds on yearly operational costs.

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