Knick Interface, LLC is a North American subsidiary for the Berlin based Knick Elektronische Messgeräte. Focussing on quality above all else, Knick Interface manufactures a broad range of electrical interface products including universal signal conditioners for measuring DC voltages and currents with galvanic isolation, transmitters for temperature and AC signals, active and passive isolators for standard signals, transducers for high voltages and shunt applications, and repeater power supplies for 2-wire sensors. A majority of these devices offer selectable calibrated input ranges with flexible output options that allow these products to be used for a broad range of applications, resulting in reduced inventory costs for businesses and simplified operation for end users. Founded by Engineer Ulrich Knick from Berlin, Germany more than 70 years ago, Knick Interface is dedicated to providing innovative enterprise measuring and monitoring devices for factory automation and process control industries while still upholding the family company traditions that made them initially successful.


  • Temperature Transmitters
  • DC Voltage/Current Measurement
  • Resistance Transmitters
  • Loop Powered Isolators
  • Universal Signal Converters
  • Strain Gage Transmitters
  • Loop Powered Digital Displays

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