Water and Wastewater

Pump controls

Design considerations for Pump Stations

Important Electrical Component Considerations:

  • Site Selection
  • Pump Selection 
  • Electrical System Controls
Secondary Considerations 
  • What type of water needs to be pumped
  • What is the volume of water you need to move
Important Electrical Systems Considerations  
  • Power Supply
  • Energy Measurement
  • Motors
  • Motor Starters, Contactors, and Relays
  • Enclosures 
  • Power Distribution 
  • Pump Controllers and PLC
  • Water Level Sensors
  • Elapsed Time Counters
  • Timing Relays
  • Surge Protection
  • Wiring Terminals 
  • Gateways for SCADA and Ethernet
  • Auto Dialer or SMS system for Alerts
  • Power Electronics Cooling Technology

View the US Army Core of Engineers Electrical Specifications for Pump Stations

Cellular messaging system

  • GSM PRO 

    DO you have an old fashioned auto dialer? YOu can easily re-vamp this systems with a new short messaging system (SMS/text) of machine-to-machine data. You can even remotley control the pumps and relay logic to simply turn things on and off if you can't get there in time. THis type of system is generally cheaper than maintaining an analog phone line or an even more sophisticted ethernet or SCADA system. 

Energy Meter 

  • S6XM50A1000VM

    Don't worry about additional accessories when you can use our SENSE Series energy meter as an essential protection unit. It gives an insight into more than 30 electrical parameters that are shared through an integrated Modbus RTU (RS485) interface.

Load Monitor 

  • G4BM480... 24-240V AC/DC

    Get precise load feedback with our power monitoring relay. The monitoring relay helps check on the electrical power consumption via the real power and power factor values. It also has a display with two independent output relays and works in 1- and 3-phase networks.

Pump Alternator 

  • E1ZMLA10 24-240V AC/DC

    do you need to perform maintenance on your pumps, but don't want to worry about shutting both of them down? Well, this is where our Duplexer Relay comes into play. With the functions it offers, you'll realize you won't need your basic 8- / 11- pin plug-in relays anymore.

Level Monitor 

  • V4LM4S30 24-240V AC/DC

    Enhance your application today by adding additional probes and functionalities with our space-saving IEC Style footprint level monitor. So let us help you monitor your equipment while adding 10-functionalities

RO pump station for city water