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Schaltbau is a world renowned manufacturer of snap-action switches, contactors, connectors, and railway components. Manufactured to the highest safety standards we guarantee our products for applications requiring reliable connection, switching and control under harsh conditions. In additional to Rail you will find our products safely switching DC power in Renewable Energy, EV Infrastructure, e-Mobility and Automation. 

Safely DISCONNECT and Switch High VOltage and Currents 

With the Decentralization of the energy supply on the rise, YOU can trust a company who has been Making and Breaking DC loads since 1939 


  • Contactors combine electromagnetic and permanent-magnetic blowout in one switching device. The successful combination of the two technologies greatly improves safety, switching functionality, and life span of the contacts. These innovative and economically impressive devices are much safer then a gas filled contactor as there is no risk of gases leaking or explosion.  


  • Connectors made for Power Applications, Binary Data and Signals. Our connectors are made for high voltages, harsh environments and rugged conditions. We connect transportation, mechanical engineering, lighting, food processing, battery charging, and industrial applications. 

Snap Action and Limit Switches 

  • Our snap action switches are designed with positive opening operation or what is often referred to as a force guided contact. This means the electrical contact is designed to have a positive mechanical engagement in the plunger itself. This guarantees the contacts of the switch will open even if the snap mechanism fails due to contact welding after a short-circuit or because of a broken spring.

Railway Systems and Components

Railway safety standards are already designed into these products that are made to be trackside or in railway vehicles. Driver desks, Operator Controls, Complex Power Supply Systems, Door Systems, Signaling Devices, and Railway UIC Connectors.

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