Sensors for Automated Manufacturing




Inductive Sensors

Inductive sensors are a type of non-contact electronic proximity sensor. Contrinex inductive sensors can detect metallic targets at a distance of up to 40 millimeters and can be custom-made depending on the application within your industry. This includes pressure-, temperature-, weld-, chip-, and chemical-resistant products.

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Photoelectric Sensors

Unlike inductive sensors, photoelectric sensors allow for long-distance detection of both metallic and non-metallic targets. There are several types of photoelectric sensors that Contrinex offers including transparent object sensors, fiber optic sensors, distance sensors, and color and contrast sensors. Visit Contrinex to learn more about the specific applications for these products.

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Machine Safety

Contrinex is committed to creating unique and innovative safety features for your company using sensors. These products are known as light curtains and can essentially terminate an operation if anything passes through the field. This can be used to prevent injury to fingers or hands, manage access or entry, as well as to protect the machinery itself.

At Contrinex, safety comes first. By offering innovative, reliable safety products, Contrinex aims to reduce workplace accidents worldwide. Their solutions are also highly ergonomic, with a positive effect on system availability and overall productivity. They are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from the industrial press machine to the pharmaceutical assembly line. Additionally, machines requiring a fixed guard-door or cover, Contrinex also proposes safety sensors with either a magnetic or RFID operating principle. Magnetic sensors are a very economical way of monitoring whether a door is open or closed. Thanks to non-contact switching and coded communication, the service life of these compact sensors is very long. Housings are ECOLAB-approved and rated to IP69K, making them suitable for washdown applications.

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RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is the use of radio waves in order to read information that is stored on a tag or transponder that is attached to an object. This product is primarily used for logistics and automation, allowing you to eliminate errors and track material flow efficiently without reducing quality.

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Ultrasonic Sensors

This type of sensor sends out a burst of high-frequency sound waves in a targeted direction measuring the time until an echo is received. Essentially what this allows you to do is to detect liquid, powdered, or granular materials in the air. Speak with a consultant at Dynamic Measurement and Control Solutions to learn more about possible applications for this technology.    

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Capacitive Sensors

These sensors are commonly used in the food and beverage industry in order to detect the presence and position of materials such as pastes, bulk solids, and liquids, both conductive and nonconductive through non-metallic barriers.

If you have any questions about Contrinex sensors and possible applications within your company, contact Dynamic Measurement and Control Solutions for a consultation.

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Founded in 1972 by Peter Heimlicher, Contrinex is one of the leading manufacturers of sensors for use in factory automation. This company is located in Switzerland but has more than 14 subsidiaries worldwide, as well as representation in over 60 countries. Everywhere you look, sensors are used in various industries and applied in many different ways. Ultimately, the goal of Contrinex is to provide you with sensors that are most practical for your industry, thus creating a more efficient, safe, reliable, and eco-friendly company.

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