Based in Germany but serving the entire world, Block is a powerful global partner to trade and industry in the field of coiled products for decades. A major player in the electronics sector, Block is noted for their reliability and on-time delivery of essential transformer products used in a wide variety of products and industries. In order to better serve the industries that 

rely on their products, Block continuously invests in controllable, rapid, and reliable in-house production facilities and combines research, development, and production under a single roof in order to provide the best coiled goods, electronic switch mode power supplies, software development, and cast resin optimization to industries around the world. With this vertical corporate design, Block is able to offer fast customization and product redevelopment services alongside their vast off-the-shelf product lines.


A transformer is a device used to change the voltage of an alternating current without changing the frequency. Transformers are an essential tool that allows us to transform energy to a voltage that is more suitable for the situation. Block has all the transformers you need to manage your electrical grid like mains transformers, control transformers, isolating transformers, safety transformers, lighting transformers and more.

Din Rail Mount Power Supply and UPS Systems 

The power supply is the building block of any electrical system. Block is committed to providing you with efficient power supplies, custom fit for your system and your needs. Each unit is compact and combines high performance with diverse functionality for use in solar, measurement and control technology, the medical field, and much more.   

EMI Filters and Line Reactors

An EMI filter, or electromagnetic interference filter, is used to prevent interference that’s present on a power line, data line, hard disk drives, AC adapters, and more. Electromagnetic interference with other devices may reduce your system’s performance or lead to collateral damage. An EMI filter will prevent this and allow all your devices to run smoothly and independently without interference.

Read below for an outline of products that are offered and contact BLOCK today if you would like to request a document or schedule a consultation.


  • Line Reactors/EMI Filters
  • Transformers
  • Din Rail Mount Power Supplies
  • Electronic Circuit Breakers
  • Inrush Current Limiters
  • Testing Equipment
  • Winding Wires

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